Physics and God

All of the material universe and all solar structures are comprised of simply vibration and frequency – formed out of pure light, pure God Energy.

Consciousness is the creative life-forms that emerge out of light imbued with the Creator’s emotions and intelligence.

The Great Creative force is both male and female combined in infinite energy wavelengths.

God has no control over creation: once life is created, it manifests itself in whatever form naturally occurs out of its primaeval instincts.

Yet within all life forms, the Creator’s blueprint is imbedded. So the qualities of love and compassion, being the core central make up of God, become the dominant power wave within the manifest universe.

Because most life-forms or species cannot express or understand this part of their DNA or source of self, humans become the dominant species – not because they are bigger and stronger but because they express and resonate with the source of being: God Energy.

And because of love and compassion, continue to grow stronger, more creative and God-like in influence and power – eventually, Angels that guide us all.

Yes, humans still succumb to primitive ugly dog-eat-dog patterns and ghastly cruelty and stupidity. Yet the light is in all humans, and God Energy left us all with love and compassion to illuminate our lives.

Let us be at one with creation yet take our role as guardians of the land, the ocean and the heavens – love and compassion will triumph.

Ramon’s Meditative Insight

Renwulf Author: Ramon William Ravenswood

Image by NASA on Unsplash

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