Being a Civilised Soul

The Earth’s magnetic field or manifestation of cosmic dust electromagnetically rotating into formations or structures of chemicals etc., shapes forces and elements. All are reliant on Spirit or life chi that is without form until clothed in manifestery forms. Most forms just exist without knowing why or having a conscious connection to their source –Continue reading “Being a Civilised Soul”

Time After Time

Time and the rhythms of the natural world or the global mass-energy moving along an evolutionary spiral to manifest individual and collective consciousness in a never-ending cycle of soul awakenings to reality – rather than the entrapment of Time or the seasons of gravity’s unending grip on all living species and all of the mindsContinue reading “Time After Time”


Soul or individual sparks of consciousness are aspects of the fabric of the known and unknown Universe. Each individual spark from the fires of creation has their own magnetic gravitational field in which they gather the primeval matter and form their existence or interaction with the Cosmos and indeed one another. Their state of mindContinue reading “THE GRAVITY OF SOUL”

Living in the Material World

Understanding synergy or chi flow – the whole electromagnetic field that we live within is fully charged with psychic wavelengths of vibrational frequencies created out of Mind or Supreme Intelligence, not human. Human is but part of the creative power that drives the Universe or Cosmos that we are part of. Finding our most fulfillingContinue reading “Living in the Material World”

Quantum Physics

The world is on the brink of a total upgrade in its science or assessment of physics, geology, and biology – and every conceivable aspect of so-called reality, based on every breakthrough from Darwin to the DNA code-breakers. What holds back this Quantum Leap forward is money, religious bigotry and fear, and the concepts ofContinue reading “Quantum Physics”

A Key To Happiness

One factor in being happy is understanding karmic or past life connections and how to avoid allowing the negative aspects to predominate – retaining one’s power or individuality within partnerships or loving encounters and indeed the whole gamut of one’s interaction with life. Being hurt is normal in life and handling the ups and downsContinue reading “A Key To Happiness”