Soul or individual sparks of consciousness are aspects of the fabric of the known and unknown Universe. Each individual spark from the fires of creation has their own magnetic gravitational field in which they gather the primeval matter and form their existence or interaction with the Cosmos and indeed one another. Their state of mindContinue reading “THE GRAVITY OF SOUL”

A Key To Happiness

One factor in being happy is understanding karmic or past life connections and how to avoid allowing the negative aspects to predominate – retaining one’s power or individuality within partnerships or loving encounters and indeed the whole gamut of one’s interaction with life. Being hurt is normal in life and handling the ups and downsContinue reading “A Key To Happiness”

Born to Love

Each and every one of us are born out of the cosmic light of our Creator. We emerge seeds, of Hope – how we are conceived whether by hate or love makes no difference to our being. For we are children of the Universe and we belong, each one of us, to the pure DivineContinue reading “Born to Love”

A Deathless Flame

In every heart there is a deathless flamethat rises constantly No matter how bitter or twisted life’sexperiences can be,find the flame in your heart of hopeburning bright and courageously It is your responsibilityto add good clear musicto the dance of life If you see or experience discordant sounds,work even harderto make good clear music NATHON’SContinue reading “A Deathless Flame”

Ramon’s Insight ~ Evil in Action

Two victims of evil human behaviour stand out and disturb my soul, and like the majority of my human family, I am outraged and have to temper my reaction so love and prayer can soothe my heart and mind. The cruel murder of George Floyd by a psychopathic moron and a rogue human without loveContinue reading “Ramon’s Insight ~ Evil in Action”

No to Anger and Hate

Anger and hate are ingredients of being faulty human beings in a journey of becoming more compassionate and true examples of an evolved species or guardians of our beautiful Earth Mother. Yet our inner true hearts still are inspired by great souls whom have shaped our feelings and thinking down through terrible dark ages ofContinue reading “No to Anger and Hate”