Transitioning From One Epoch To Another

Solar eclipse photo

Transitioning from one era in the human journey to another causes trauma and uncertainty for us all – for all that we have expected life to be no longer exists in the world around us.

We are faced with different choices than previously we considered as our options.

Wherever we live on the planet, change is inevitable. From the highlands to the lowlands, tumultuous forces are in play.

Being human, we put everything going on into little small-minded boxes, failing to comprehend that the Earth is not all about us – it is a cosmic wheel spinning in a galactic drama called creation. And creation is far beyond our intellectual understanding.

Yes, we can interact with the solar system, even travel to Mars and beyond. Still, the cosmic drama puzzles and amazes us with its gigantic size and infinite infinitude.

So, as our ancestors realised long, long ago, the clearest understanding possible is spiritually connecting with the God Energy and going deep within to a place where a deep and amazing peace resideth.

And in this peace that passeth all understanding, a feeling of being part of a great cosmic destiny can be realised, and a renewed strength and power is found.

Once again, our souls unleash our full human creativity, and our hearts understand it’s a spiritual journey, not a primaeval urge, that rises us all up to the challenge of overcoming the vicissitudes of life and finding love and oneness with the Creator, whom will carry us to the most perfect heaven, deep, deep inside us.

Ramon’s Meditative Insight

Renwulf Author: Ramon William Ravenswood

Post Image by Matt Nelson on Unsplash

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