The Alien Confusion

Creation is not man-made or created by any species that is part of Creation.

Creation is manifested by Cosmic Beings of a God Head or Supreme Being.

The fabric of the universe replicates throughout the cosmos and indeed beyond.

All seeded life forms evolve according to their environment or the cosmic setup.

Aliens or extraterrestrials are subject to the same cosmic laws and are evolving accordingly.

Each atom or minute particle in the cosmos is conscious of itself – even a rock or grain of sand has a magnetic field, so it responds to other fields within the Field.

So power is derived from the magnetic frequencies of Time and Space. Humans – us – are able to deal with Aliens psychically the same as they with us.

Psychically they cannot dominate the Earth only experience and interact with it good or bad depending on their ability to attune to it.

Advanced human beings or adapts of the Cosmic Beings whom created it all cannot be controlled, bullied or indeed intimidated by Aliens.

Yes, Aliens can try if a gun is their power – Chakra psychic power is the equalizer and more powerful. All species have psychic power – especially Humans.

The Moon is a great crystal ball full of minerals and hollow caverns and is indeed a stop-over base for space travellers including humans.

Still, it is created out of magnetic psychic forces and the building blocks of the universe.

Divine Beings placed it in position so our Garden of Eden can be wonderous and all so beautiful to experience.

Ramon’s Meditative Insight

Renwulf Author: Ramon William Ravenswood

Image by Neven Krcmarek on Unsplash

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