Being a Civilised Soul

The Earth’s magnetic field or manifestation of cosmic dust electromagnetically rotating into formations or structures of chemicals etc., shapes forces and elements.

All are reliant on Spirit or life chi that is without form until clothed in manifestery forms.

Most forms just exist without knowing why or having a conscious connection to their source – just living in a primeval rhythm of survival.

Us humans are completely different – we feel and think about the source or quest to understand why it all is the way it is. This creates religion and basically all other creative manifestations of human civilisation – this creates some very ugly results as well as beautiful outcomes.

To involve oneself in an Earth dimension or consciousness, one needs to be aware of the pitfalls or traps the human world is full of – on every turn of the road.

Religion is the number one trap to be mindful of, for this is the biggest brainwashing set-up of all: believing in theological reasons for life that certain humans have taught – especially the guilt trips that big-time religions instil in children and adults.

The world is an evolving cosmic energy field – so to grasp solid truths is most difficult. And most become confused with the constant revelations of science and biological discoveries such as the DNA structures – let alone all the constant new discoveries daily being revealed about the reality of cosmic energy and our part in the whole.

How one navigates the human ocean of consciousness is individual and never a fixed method, for the ocean is constantly changing. One needs to be intuitive as well as knowledgeable so that both gut instincts and intellectual prowess work in unison.

Gut instinct without intellect creates a primitive life path. Intellect without gut instinct creates a robotic existence.

Integrating these two ways of problem-solving or indeed as life tools is the best way to be engaged in a human world.

Religion then can be discarded in an entirely different way – you can strip away the nonsense and find true power hidden by primitive beliefs and political power games.

E.g., an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth: this is hate-motivated and anti-love and compassion – which is the essence of religion or its real purpose.

Love thy neighbour as thyself, well this simply is empathy.

If you are loving and kind, you are unlikely to be cruel to your neighbour because they are part of you, and you are part of them.

This is oneness and really basically backed up by revelations of science and DNA in this evolving cosmic awakening going on on planet Earth.

Obviously, some are more switched on than others, so there is a battle between ignorance and enlightenment.

The warrior whom defends enlightenment and the ethical decencies of a civilised world is always imbued with greater power. For the source of life is love, compassion, justice and the freedom to be our true selves, not indoctrinated robots or weak-kneed fools.

So best to be a civilised soul right now, for acting out barbarism is not a winning formula; even a slap is a downward spiral.

Love, light, wisdom and the pursuit of truth.

Ramon ~ Meditative Insight

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  1. Great work and share 🙏

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