Earth Children ~ Star Children

Blue lake at dusk surrounded by mountains and forest. Image by Luc Tribolet

Remember we are all powerful individual souls who have come into our body to glorify the planet, not to abuse the planet.
We did not come to a body here as human beings, human souls, to dirty the world.
We came to glorify creation.
So see yourself as a Light Being.
As your body becomes coated with the material of the Earth, as your limbs form all around you, as your body and your whole flesh shapes to the earth, feel the dignity and pride of being here.
Feel the magnificence of your bodies standing in the desert and in the valleys and in the mountains of the Earth.
Feel your bodies glorify the perfection of nature.
Feel your glorious bodies as being divine archetypal metaphysical designs of creative fire, creative life: divine mind in action.
You are here to glorify the Earth, to be a perfected one amongst the great mighty Mother.
You are children of the Earth.
You are children of the Stars.
You are here now on Earth, respect this adopted Mother.
Your Earth is your adopted Mother: you are from the cosmos, but you are here in your adopted Mother’s arms.
Bless the Mother, love the Mother, be glorified in the Mother and know that this beautiful, beautiful world welcomes you to change it into wonderful light.
To change it once again into harmony where all ugliness will be healed.

from Nathon’s Manna

Ramon’s Meditative Insight

Renwulf Author: Ramon William Ravenswood

Mountains and lake image by Luc Tribolet

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