One Human Family, Let’s Protect One Another

A major malfunction has occurred in the majority of Western nations.
Radicalised elements have created chaos to overthrow Western democracy using every opportunity to stir up conflict and hatred – the race card being the most potent weapon.

Using climate change as a weapon against civilisation’s structures.
And most saddest of all, using the LGBT community as pawns in their destruction of the core structure of humanity’s stability – men and women complementing and working together for a better world for all.

Women celebrating being women.
Men celebrating being men.
Gays and lesbians celebrating themselves yet knowing they are men or women.

And it’s wonderful how we can live in a vibrant society together – yet we will not if boundaries are removed regarding salient facts.

Changing rooms and public toilets are meant to be safe places for men and women.

Transgender folk need separate facilities to address their vulnerable and oftentimes neglected dignity and safety. We are an evolving, more civilised peoples now. Time to sort out real, practical solutions.

As for sport, it’s common sense to have two categories: men and women sports.

If improvement is necessary, like Paralympics was evolved into an exciting celebration of human courage, trans can also have their own category.

This would be so exciting and be very marketable and popular, I am sure.
Just stop this confusion and BS regarding unfairness in ladies’ sport.

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