The Horse Has Bolted: World Events

Black and white photo of two wild horses running, kicking up the dry dirt around their hooves. Trees in background.

Originally published 10 August 2022

Looking outside of the outer manifestation of human collective consciousness one can then see clearly what’s really going to occur.
Cause and effect in full sway.

Undeclared war is always a confusing time and extremely dangerous for the masses and individuals whom try to live normal lives in edgy uncertainty.

Trade, diplomatic and other normal global associations become fractured and eventually broken – leaving a chaotic global situation leading to all out conflict between competing nations.

Right now, this precarious global situation is getting out of control.

The only solution to this chaotic and untenable state of disfunction is the world separating into two spheres of influence and power. And building an Iron Curtin between these spheres.

Each sphere will unite more strongly and hold their line in the sand and rebuild a very different global trade and relationship.

Hot, dangerous borders need defining and ceasefires and basically realistic divisions and populations shifting to new locations.

Pakistan, India
North and South Korea
Mainland China and Taiwan
The list goes on where Iron Curtains are established.

Then old-fashioned diplomatic communications begin again, and globalisation is put to sleep until humanity is evolved enough to be one world: certainly not now.

So, these major events will take place to avoid global war:

Establishment of the Iron Curtain, if it is not promptly organised, all-out World War III will ignite the fires of hell.

Ukraine will become divided like West and East Berlin under the Iron Curtain system. So they as a nation can survive and rebuild what’s left of their country and join like-minded nations completely, Poland, Finland, etc. etc. and unify their economies and military forces: basically, NATO re-establishing their borders.

China will need to pull back from their invasion plan and leave the status quo intact or else inevitably war will break out – for Taiwan is only one country that China is after. And the USA and Allies know that a stand must be made in the Pacific, and China’s sphere of influence halted on the borders of India, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.

And get a move on regarding political prisoner swaps – it does not matter if an innocent sportswoman is exchanged for a murderer, just get her home and safe. And re-educate her generation on the reality of the return of the Cold War, for her generation and the majority of young people have been living in a false bubble where they think the world is their oyster.

No, it is not and times are dangerous for international travel, and there will not be business as usual for at least twenty years.

So, also climate change cannot be prevented by one sphere alone. So this means adaptation to the reality that it’s going to take a long time before the Green Economy is globally possible.

And reality must be dealt with.

And the way things are heading, I surmise that there will be events that cool the Earth down anyway.

I leave it to your common sense perception of the world scene.

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Renwulf Author: Ramon William Ravenswood

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