Outer space view of Earth partially obscured by Moon's shadow

Changing completely our lifestyle patterns and life rhythms creates synergy that fits into the world as it is now – rather than the past that is now gone.

And new ways of living is the challenge to all humans while this major transition is in full swing – global realignments both in Nature and Man.

All that was boiling under the surface now has manifested. There is no going back to what was the norm – it’s gone.

The new norm is a complete reset of global systems and each individual human’s personal reassessment of their life’s purpose and goals.

One thing that cannot be ignored or swept under the rug: Russia has gone insane, not only Putin, the majority of the people – clearly evident in their arrogant f****d in the head assault on neighbours and ramping up threats to attack the western democracies.

NATO always contained the Soviet Empire and will now stop Russia from destroying Europe and all countries that are aligned to NATO’s iron cast willpower, especially the U.S.A.

This can only get worse, for the general mobilisation of military focus across the globe is happening right now, and history teaches that there is a point of no return. There is only civilisation’s full-on battle for survival.

Some folk and nations are slow to grasp the enormity of the countdown to global upheaval. Yet once awakened to the clear and present danger, will be brave and strong like those whom fought in the last Great War to remove evil dictators from the world.

These sometimes forgotten heroes should be remembered now, for the bugle to arms has once again been sounded loud and clear, and the brave now awaken and will find their individual part to play.

And there are many roles essential to this calamity. Aid workers, business folk, doctors, nurses, all healers, will stand for human values and give of themselves to a greater cause: humanity’s freedom to be dignified individuals living real meaningful lives and never allowing savage dictators to vomit their filth upon the likes of you and I.

We, the majority of souls, whom will not be broken.

Ramon ~ Meditative Insight

2 responses to “Unbroken”

  1. Hi Ramon
    Interesting email and quite challenging. Hardly surprising considering what’s happening in the world. You mentioned the out come that history has shown us is likely, but your positive note is that the old world has gone
    What I’m getting from my channel is that this is a big reset for the world and how we move forward from here
    That the old ways are outmoded and holding us back from the future that’s awaiting us
    For that to happen we need to be confronted by the impetus to change enough that many of us will step into the light of a new beginning and lead the way forward for humanity and earths survival
    Keep up the good work

    1. Thank you Kelvin! I will pass your message on to Ramon 🙂 All the best, Tamara

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