Realm of the Stag King

“The depth of the characters and the world building were incredible . . .
I loved how mythology and spirituality weaved in throughout the novel.”
– Voracious Readers Only Reviewer

Book One
Lunar Fire

Tamara Rendell

A Saga of the Savage Innocence and Power of Ancient Druidism

Book One: Realm of the Stag King
Lahana, an innocent young princess, is traded for an appeasement treaty with a tyrannical king. On arrival, she is immediately caught in a web of evil sorcery and a sex cult – overwhelmed and mesmerised and drugged. Her inner power awakens to fight and escape this dark kingdom.

Her freedom journey takes her to sanctuary with a powerful Druid priest whom awakens her true destiny within her deepest soul’s yearnings.

Book Two: Realm of the Witch Queen
After trials and tribulations, she becomes a powerful queen and destroys the evil king’s realm and rebirths a new civilisation out of the ashes of a dark age into an era of peace and prosperity.

Her coming of age is full of love and pain until, finally, her true soul mate embraces her vision, and together they triumph over injustice and ignorance.

“Lahana,” Sha’han said quietly, and then his warm mouth was pressed to her cheek, and his fingers linked intertwining with hers. She felt his breath heat her face and neck for a moment. He drew back, still holding her hand before him. He met her eyes, waiting for her smile before he held her palm up to his mouth and pressed his lips to its centre, then to the pulse at her wrist. He placed her hand to rest on his chest, then enfolded his own arms around the circle of her hips. She felt ridges of the conch shell he still held pressing into her flesh.

Sha’han grazed his free hand up along the sway of her back to the base of her neck and lifted the weight of her hair between his fingers. He leaned into her, and their mouths opened to one another. A fierce heat carrying from one to the other on the flow of their breath and the meeting of their tongues.

Lahana’s sense of her weight shifted from the Earth to Sha’han’s body against hers, then back into her own feet. She pulled herself out of the heat of their entanglement, back into the chill of the morning air. She looked over to the way the gathering had left, hearing only the heaviness of her own breath.

Sha’han’s hand touched her hair. She turned back to him.

“In your time,” he said. “If you choose me. In your time, Lahana.”

Praise for the LUNAR FIRE Saga

"Rendell created a vivid portrait of a magical world with unique mythology that was so exquisite it took my breath away. I was, from the beginning - and to the very end - enamored by this story." 5/5 stars - Ivy Whitaker, author of Redemption: Between Salivation and Redemption Book 1