collage of images for Imagining Nefertiti historical novel by Natasha Rendell. Top: desert dunes before a dusk sky. Middle: woman standing in Egyptian temple with sunlight beaming upon her from door arch. Bottom Left: close up of lotus flower. Bottom Right: Egyptian temple doors, slightly ajar. Decorated with a scarab and two Egyptian Gods.

Imagining Nefertiti

a novel
by Natasha Rendell

In the shadow of the past, they dreamed of a new world
and dared to bring it into the light

The magnificent reimagining of the life of Egypt’s most enigmatic queen.
From her journey as a young princess of the kingdom of Saba to a new home and role as the wife of Egypt’s revolutionary Pharaoh Akhenaton. To the founding of the mysterious and controversial city of the Aten — the City of Light.

work in progress
project updates to come!