Ancient Druid Saga

In ancient Britain and France, woven by the mysticism of Pagans and Druids.

With the three worlds in collision – Earth, Astral and the realm of Spirit – a princess is born to awaken the powerful forces of human passion and soul desire. 

Lahana, the only daughter of a weak king, is the chosen bride of a powerful warlord who overwhelms the known lands and crowns himself king of an empire.

As his queen, Lahana is swept up by tides of psychic forces and earthly pleasures. A powerful seduction that proves to be an illusion masking a cruel and dangerous reality.

In her freedom flight from the corrupt shadows summoned by the king, Lahana finds herself pulled deeper into a realm of conflicting forces. A world on the knife-edge of psychic power, human passion and soul desire – a battleground between good and evil. 

To her greatest triumph: fusion with her soul mate and the creation of a golden age of Druidism that echoes still in our deepest dreams and yearning for Lahana’s vision of the Goddess within and the power of a true man.

Genre: Ancient Historical Fiction
Category: Adult Readers

Silhouette of woman before sunset sky with hands raised as a cup. Text: “What can the Sun and the Moon and the stars tell us that they did not yet know to tell our ancestors? What do the great souls of the mountains learn as their bodies change, as they meet with the rivers and the sands of the ocean? And what of the knowings of the Earth – the cloth of Lahana’s own body – the layers of time within the flesh, reclaiming body and form after body and form. The Earth changing with each life lived out within her.” From Lunar Fire Ancient Druid Saga by Tamara Rendell