Lunar Fire

Woman holding forth a chalice filled with wine. Book cover of Lunar Fire. Text: Mythic adventure in the tradition of ancient supernatural sagas. With a strong female lead, adventure, romance and magic.

Ancient Druid Saga for Adults

July 20th

Paperback, Hardcover & Kindle

In ancient Britain and France, woven by the myth, magic and legends of Pagans and Druids – of epic tales of bravery and romance.

Lahana, the only daughter of a weak king, is the chosen bride of a powerful warlord who overwhelms the known lands and crowns himself king of an empire.

As his queen, Lahana is swept up by tides of psychic forces and earthly pleasures. A powerful seduction that proves to be an illusion masking a cruel and dangerous reality.

In her freedom flight from the corrupt shadows summoned by the king, Lahana finds herself pulled deeper into a realm of conflicting forces. A world on the knife-edge of psychic power, human passion and soul desire – a battleground between good and evil.

Captivating and sensual, Lunar Fire is a mythic adventure in the tradition of ancient supernatural sagas.

Ideal for lovers of folktales, legends and mythology with a strong female lead, suspense, drama and magic.

Let Lahana’s journey of self-discovery and redemption take you into this dangerous yet vibrant ancient world.

What people are saying about Lunar Fire

"The most beautiful fantasy writing I’ve ever read!
Beautiful and gripping fantasy novel. Definitely a bit lengthy, but worth it. Lahana is a strong protagonist, the worldbuilding and spiritual realm is compelling, the story is never boring. Highly impressed with the author’s writing as well. Although this is fantasy, it has a lot of relatable elements between relationship dynamics. I would recommend this to anyone who loves an adventurous story with romance!" Rachel,Booksprout Reviewer
"this was a really well done fantasy novel, I was hooked on the story and getting to know Lahana. I enjoyed going on this journey and look forward to more from the author." Kathryn, Book Sirens Reviewer
"Beautifully Built World with an engaging lead
The world within this book is a fascinating one. There are conflicting cultures, religious beliefs and morals, all that make an intriguing plot." Cat, Booksprout Reviewer

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  • collage of images for Lunar Fire. Top left: moon in eclipse. Top right: Stag with dark background. Middle Left: Woman with red hair swimming fully clothed in lake. Middle Right: Dark sky over mountains with glowing sunset. Bottom Left: Cold lake edged by pine forest. Bottom Right: White wolf asleep. Quote overlayed: "A warm sun enshrined in a dark night - Lahana."
  • collage of images for Lunar Fire by Tamara Rendell. Top Left: tendrils of smoke before a a dark background. Top Right: large group of lit candles before a dark background. Middle Left: a woman's hand with dark pointed fingernails, with a snake coiling over her hand and fingers. Middle Right: a woman with long dark hair, wearing a gold crown. She is softly exhaling a thick cloud of smoke. Bottom Left: a woman standing before calm ocean, she is wearing elaborate jewelry and is holding a bowl of flames up beside her. Bottom Right: a lunar cycle displayed in a straight line from full to crescent before a dark sky. Quote overlay: "Yolanda - This woman watching her as an endless night might watch a sunrise."
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  • Collage. Top left: A young woman wearing a crown of flowers. Top right and middle right: Silhouette of a woman stading before a sunset looking up at a quarter moon as birds fly across the sky. Middle left: a woman holding a shawl and dancing before a sky full of birds flying. Bottom left: mountain range beneath a starry sky. Bottom right: oak tree in summer with sunlight shining through its leaves.
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