Lunar Fire

Tamara Rendell

Complete Saga Hardcover Edition

A Saga of the Savage Innocence and Power of Ancient Druidism

Lahana, an innocent young princess, is traded for an appeasement treaty with a tyrannical king. On arrival, she is immediately caught in a web of evil sorcery and a sex cult – overwhelmed and mesmerised and drugged. Her inner power awakens to fight and escape this dark kingdom.

Her freedom journey takes her to sanctuary with a powerful Druid priest whom awakens her true destiny within her deepest soul’s yearnings.

After trials and tribulations, she becomes a powerful queen and destroys the evil king’s realm and rebirths a new civilisation out of the ashes of a dark age into an era of peace and prosperity.

Her coming of age is full of love and pain until, finally, her true soul mate embraces her vision, and together they triumph over injustice and ignorance.

Also available as Two Book Series
Coming 2023

Book cover for Realm of the Stag King by Tamara Rendell
Book cover for Realm of the Witch Queen by Tamara Rendell

Reader Review

“The words of this book are painted beautifully on the page. A tale woven with a dream like quality. The journey of a lifetime of experience and knowledge and friendship and love. This is an epic tale fitting amongst other Odysseys from times long ago. To say I enjoyed it is an understatement. I still have tears in my eyes from the passing of the character I had watched grow from naive to greatness. I feel I spent a lifetime along side her and the tears are mix of sadness for the end but joy for the reuniting of two perfectly matched souls.
This is a long tale but one that I am thankful to have read.”

5/5 Stars Emmeline, Voracious Readers Only reviewer