Imagining Jesus

a novel by Natasha Rendell

A world of tradition, a man of transformation

An old man begins to tell the story of his amazing life; villagers, grandchildren listen, entranced by the man’s eloquence and wise countenance.
The listeners are transported to a faraway land, and the story begins with the birth of a child, and the greatest story ever told breathes light, love and compassion into every chapter of his fulfilling and traumatic life.
Ages have passed since he walked in flesh; Natasha’s imagination reveals a human man and his incredible powers. Yet you and I always travel with him on every adventure.
A saga of passion, love and completion of a life fully lived.

22 January 2023

A life of travel was what he still yearned for, travel to faraway lands.
Despite being born in Iudaea, after living amidst the colour and beauty of Alexandria and hearing all the tales of other lands from the people he met there, his heart was set firmly on seeing as much of the known world as possible in a lifetime.
Yosef wanted so much to see the mountainous lands, the great alpine regions, and the land of Hindustan had an allure that was beckoning to him.