Freedom to think objectively – now it’s really under threat.

Photo of Martin Luther King memorial statue

Freedom to think objectively – now it’s really under threat.

A minority of folks are hijacking the mainstream flow of democratic principles that have kept free nations from big government’s oppressive controls.

Now it is like a cancer insidiously permeating all our democratic institutions – and healthy debate and sensible problem-solving as nations are being curtailed.

Marxism is somehow being resurrected from the dustbin of history and crammed down the throats of free tongues.

Only this time, it is a really toxic new ideology based on pseudo-sciences and hysterical emotionalism.

Where history is becoming a distortion of truth and even being rewritten to suit the new woke religion or cult.

Literature, our most treasured record of times gone by to enable us to have a window into the past – Charles Dickens, the Brontë sisters, the list goes on and on of these wonderful souls’ contributions to our fuller understanding of social development and amazing characters.

Wonderful yarns like Huckleberry Finn being censored rather than clearly explained that they are windows into our development and evolution towards enlightenment – which is a natural part of human awakening to become more civilised.

This is the spiritual journey that always has been progressing century after century.

And we were doing just fine – every time there arose a suppressing regime full of ideological claptrap like racism, burning books etc, we overcame them, and re-established freethinking societies and the mantra do not judge a person by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character – this when I was growing up in the fifties and an adult in the sixties was music to my soul and I loved Martin Luther King for he really changed America and inspired so many souls globally. Inspiring Nelson Mandela and spreading a wonderful message, not revenge – reconciliation and justice was the theme.

Now it’s grievance and bad, bad white people. Racism in a new form and, fortunately, doomed to fail like all racist ideology.

One thing I know for sure, all my human family I love and celebrate all the wonderful differences and diversity.

What I do not love is hate and ugly, violent behaviour by souls whom cannot debate, only debase those whom are different.

One thing I am confident about – free speech will once again be established as healthy and civilised.

And haters and grievance merchants will pass away into the dustbin of history.

And our dear Generation Z may have to relearn common sense.

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Photo of Martin Luther King memorial statue by Raffaele Nicolussi on Unsplash

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