The Life of the Heart

Photo of moon over mountain ranges at dusk

The life of the heart – charting journeys across terrain as wild and varied as the crow and the hawk dreamed they saw.
A night so transparent that its stars seemed to only just reach us. Crushed snow beneath the bear’s paws.
In the east, the skyline a river, immersing the west with amber.
The spring melt washing over the earth, seeping through the earth towards the central heat and rising, rising in ecstasy towards the sun.
The shadow has passed here – I remember it. The names you have been called echo on the long breath of time held in the slow stillness of the rocks.
Still and slow beneath the quick breath of sky, heat and cool, mist and light. Sight of colours – more than my eyes can find.
Swirling vapour – a dance of place – earth and galaxy beyond – the universe – the dark waiting wonder.
Like sleep, like dreams too far along to clearly recall their beginning.
And the sky is a river between these realms – the flowing border beautified by light.

From Mystical Tides

Renwulf Author: Tamara Rendell

Tamara Rendell is the author of the mythological / historical fiction novels Realm of the Stag King and Realm of the Witch Queen and her poetry and stories collection Mystical Tides.

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Photo of moon over mountain ranges at dusk by Malith D Karunarathne on Unsplash

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  1. Natasha Ravenswood Avatar
    Natasha Ravenswood

    my goodness, what beautiful words ________________________________

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