Stupid Politicians: Left and Right

So now the realisation that a major shift in consciousness is occurring worldwide.

All of us are gradually yet definitely waking up to the stupidity of our elected political leaders and their incompetent behaviour – and now have to stop being fooled by media manipulation and so-called ‘do the right thing’ nonsense – plus ‘be kind.’

Be kind to whom and do the right thing for whom?

These politicians and their lack of common-sense reality certainly are losing the respect of populations.

One absolute reality worldwide is the breakdown of law and order being the cornerstone of a civilised society.

So we – the majority of folk – will now seriously look for key policies that we can vote for.

Law and order – we need to live in a protected society where police and armies keep us safe, as has been the norm for hundreds of years.

Also, the sensible economical management of our taxes.

Healthcare, infrastructure maintenance, a clean environment borrowing money at sensible interest rates, inflation at a steady level, housing affordability, employment secured by sensible protections for the workers and employers equally.

And above all, the rightful manageability of our children by parents and family and not the state – and laws that ensure their safety.

If abuse is obvious and identified, then the state, with clear guidelines, can intervene. Yet this should be very carefully managed – with family and state in clear communication and extended family and friends given a say on the protection of children.

A woman’s right to choose whether to carry a child or not should be firstly their right. Then the state’s duty to create safe and sensible legal requirements. Thank fully, this is the case in most civilised nations e.g. Aotearoa New Zealand.

I find myself becoming more politically aware of late like so many other folk, as crazy pseudo-science is becoming government policy – highlighted by the confusion regarding a woman and a man definition.
Well, chromosome XX is enough for my sense of reality and education – health services for fifty years.

I can feel 6 feet tall. The reality is I’m 5’9. Sure, Frankenstein science can change this – yet somehow, like with AI, we all need to take a deep breath and re-think our basic ethical principles and certainly rediscover our moral compass.

One moral norm I believe firmly in – do no harm to children, do not experiment on children, do not mutilate children.

18 years and older is their time to become empowered. Up till then, let’s be compassionate, wise, loving adults because children are not capable of life-changing decisions.

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