UFOs Are Real

Illustration of a UFO beaming up a dolphin from the ocean

I have come to a conclusion, after 60 years of being aware and very objectively studying the UFO phenomenon, why the majority of humans either ridicule or ignore the obvious evidence of extraterrestrial or time travellers entering our planet’s space – especially now when basically governments are saying they are real.

We, as a species, cannot accept the possibility of a higher technologically advanced species studying and manipulating our civilisation.

For it is too upsetting and too disempowering for our sense of being on top of the food chain.

Well, objectively, I am not concerned about them invading or colonising, for they have been around for thousands of years, and still, we remain free of conquest – and still self-determining our futures.

One thing I know logically and intuitively – they will not allow our nuclear weapons to destroy this planet, for they undoubtedly require minerals and sustenance from our world, as we do.

Why have they not openly contacted us?

I can only surmise we are a pretty scary species. History reveals how warlike and cruel we can be.

Still, I have to believe that we are more humane than inhumane, and I guess we will all know them one day.

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