The Stag King and the Witch Queen

Realm of the Stag King and Realm of the Witch Queen by Tamara Rendell 3D book covers over a background of lake and mountains at the shore

On an epic odyssey, a moment of pause along the journey is most welcome!

Thus, my saga Lunar Fire is metamorphosized into the duology:

I really enjoyed the experience of creating the two books.*
The saga has a natural rest point halfway through the text, and the division feels balanced: allowing a breather within the drama of Lahana’s life journey within this challenging ancient world of pagan civilisation and magic.

(*I think what I loved most was finding and correcting a bunch of typos! Yikes!!)

New covers are always fun, and I love how these ‘Realm’ covers evoke the earthy mysticism of Lahana’s story. And, pray tell, what is that story? Cue synopsis:
The Story
Lahana, an innocent young princess, is traded for an appeasement treaty with a tyrannical king. On arrival, she is immediately caught in a web of evil sorcery and a sex cult – overwhelmed and mesmerised and drugged. Her inner power awakens to fight and escape this dark kingdom.
Her freedom journey takes her to sanctuary with a powerful Druid priest whom awakens her true destiny within her deepest soul’s yearnings.
After trials and tribulations, she becomes a powerful queen and destroys the evil king’s realm and rebirths a new civilisation out of the ashes of a dark age into an era of peace and prosperity.
Her coming of age is full of love and pain until, finally, her true soul mate embraces her vision, and together they triumph over injustice and ignorance.

are both out in the world now

She closed her eyes and could feel the Earth talking, could hear it talking itself into being. The generosity of this energy – pure in the darkness, pure in the cold air and in the hot smell – it flowed into the glyphs as it flowed so generously into all of life. It filled the polluted incantations here as the pure river continues to flow unguarded into the polluted bay. ― REALM OF THE STAG KING by Tamara Rendell

Paise for Lunar Fire Saga
“Rendell created a vivid portrait of a magical world with unique mythology that was so exquisite it took my breath away.
I was, from the beginning – and to the very end – enamored by this story.”
– Ivy Whitaker, author of Redemption: Between Salvation and Damnation

Illustration of Dancing Nymph by Walter Crane
Illustration of writing hand holding quill pen.

Renwulf Author: Tamara Rendell

Tamara Rendell is the author of the mythological / historical fiction novels Realm of the Stag King and Realm of the Witch Queen and her poetry and stories collection Mystical Tides.

Writing that enlivens your heart, mind and soul

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