New Zealand Collective Immunity

Mountain near body of water during daytime. Mount Taranaki, Pouaki Tarns, NZ

As New Zealand builds its natural immunity to this horrible lab virus and curse of science’s meddling with nature in a nasty and dumb way, perhaps it is time also to become immune from ideology and woke nonsense that divides us folks and causes anger, hate and extreme emotions leading to a divided nation.

Rather than left and right, just simply the middle path where we together can rebuild what once was a great kiwi experience of honest, down-to-earth actions and thinking – and simply enjoying together a beautiful natural environment and lifestyles to suit earthly souls and tolerance of differences and diversity without being lectured to on how to behave and think.

It comes naturally to us New Zealanders to be all of the above without mandates and big government ideologies telling us how wrong we are.
Lectures are over. It’s time to get on with being good kiwis, not going back to grievances or unrealistic racial divides and preferences.

United we stand, divided we fall.

Good luck to our new prime minister. May he govern from his natural sense of fairness and his sense of being a proud kiwi and get on with being not a superstar, simply a human being with a big responsibility to find a pathway back to common sense politics.

I am optimistic we as a nation can once again be strong and positively happy working together.

Ramon’s Meditative Insight

Renwulf Author: Ramon William Ravenswood

Photo by Sophie Turner on Unsplash

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