Freedom’s Gameplay

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Freedom of thought or a clear-minded process of understanding life’s meaning or real purpose is essential.

Brainwashing is the normal way controlling groups (organisations, governments etc.) continue to perpetrate their game plays consistently over the ages. Whether it’s small games or titanic, it’s the same old process – until humans can become self-realised or awakened to the constant controls being implemented by control freaks.

First and foremost, it’s not surprising that many souls have become cynical and suspicious of governments and all the game-playing going on to suit agendas of the various power freaks.

Once one clearly perceives life and where they are situated in the global scene, they can work out some basic truths that can assist their clarity of mind and well-being.

Whatever nation you are a citizen of has its pros and cons. Certain facts remain evident in every nation: we as individuals are tied into the structures and laws of our nations, and we have to adhere to the government’s control over us or become cannon fodder.

Yes, we can join revolutions and the like, yet it ends up the same. New governments impose their laws and controls on us because the human societies or structures are not interested in promoting freedom of the individual – for chaos would be the outcome of mass freedom.

Why we are not evolved or advanced enough to handle full freedom – it is obvious when you let children do what they like, chaos. Well, adults are the same and fully indulge themselves in crazy selfish behaviour leading to chaos.

So, freedom of the individual is a process that wise souls have, down through the ages, guided us towards. Freedom – it’s been a very flawed process, yet it continues to gather momentum and is an unstoppable force of the nature of humankind.

So far, democracy is the most advanced system of our quest for freedom and is once again challenged by bullies and crude control freaks. Putin and his kind are hanging on to old age methods of brutal suppressions of freedom lovers.

Unfortunately, this leads to full on conflict and horrible wars between democratic and totalitarian nations – as has been the case since the beginning of human evolution.

To gain freedom or a democratic structure to live within, the price can be very high. For the leaders of democracy have themselves the problem of becoming controlling to counter such a powerful adversary as a Putin or the like.

So, we find ourselves having to choose which controlling power we align to – the greater evil or the lesser evil. There is no other choice, for one of theses two forces will prevail and once they dominate the world, one will be caught in their web.

Certain guidelines are clearly obviously apparent to assist our decision. Hitler-like leaders create misery, mass exterminations and unbelievable horrible cruelties.

Churchill-like leaders allow us to remove them and do not exterminate their opposition – so as we can at least have a chance to find personal freedom and the pursuit of happiness.

It’s obvious to me which power players I shall align with. Nevertheless, I will not be a blind follower and will be vigilant to speak and act when our democratic leaders go wonky and too autocratic.

Simply by knowing power corrupts and is a dangerous game. Yet we have no choice but to let the games begin. 

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Renwulf Author: Ramon William Ravenswood

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One response to “Freedom’s Gameplay”

  1. It’s important to recognize the value of freedom and to strive towards it, while also being aware of the potential dangers and challenges that come with it. It’s also important to be vigilant and hold those in power accountable, whether they are leaders in democratic or totalitarian systems. It’s crucial to make informed decisions about which paths to follow and to be aware of the consequences of those choices. Ultimately, it’s about finding a balance between freedom and order, and being mindful of the impact of those choices on ourselves and others.

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