And So It Is Christmas

Photo of a leopard on tree branch

And what have we done? Well, we have survived Covid’s worse cycle and also collectively awakened to our tenuous relationship to Mother Earth and the need to adapt to the Earth’s dramatic changes globally. And like our ancestors learned how to survive the titanic changes that always occur in Nature’s ongoing evolution towards magnificence.

Yes, we are not doing too well regarding conservation and resource management – still, we remain the species with the power to sculpt the natural world to suit our lust for more and more extravagance and egomania.

The good news is we now realise en masse this is unstable, and we will either return to the stone age or move into an age of balance, harmony and love for ourselves and each other, especially gratitude and love for our mother, planet Earth.

Ramon’s Meditative Insight

Renwulf Author: Ramon William Ravenswood

Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

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