Your Seed Self ~ Consciousness

Understand, if you can, the subconscious force in all living souls – that’s every aspect of creation down to a simple grain of sand.

All parts of the whole have individual consciousness – what binds all together in synergy is subconscious emanations of musical notes and frequencies. So, all of the cosmos manifests through the music of the spheres.

Discordant wavelengths create havoc yet are part of the process of creation’s process or reason for being.

Beingness is life in action. So, it is yourself in action. You are part of the whole yet are individualised.

So being individualised, the sands of time are able to be consciously understood and fully experienced – rather than just existing in the cosmic drama, one can partake and influence the overall performance or drama.
Subconsciously all souls are driven by the blueprint of the seed self or true identity.

Outer self or conscious self easily stems or blocks one’s flow because one allows the intellectual brain function to dominate and control the game. This is the folly of humankind – losing connection with their subconscious power or connection with all living things and the cosmos itself.

The seed self is programmed not by parents or DNA. It is created and programmed by a supreme beingness of the whole of the power of creation.

So as this is part of yourself can flourish, grow and become a magnificent part of the creative journey to full beautification and perfection. Which only can be understood by one’s outer mind as love, peace and fulfilment that passeth all understanding. Complete bliss.

It is much more than this, yet this is simply a way to understand what life’s journey is heading towards. For there is always an evolutionary process when one is involved in time.

Go beyond time and you’re back to an innocent seed.

So, take a deep breath and inwardly feel your subconscious seed self’s power and purpose and then breathe out its superconscious focus and love.

Ramon’s Meditative Insight

Renwulf Author: Ramon William Ravenswood

Writing that enlivens your heart, mind and soul

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