Our Rainbow Lady, The Queen

Events overtake plans, and delays are inevitable with the momentous times we live in.

Take a deep breath and regroup and calmly begin again to set the wheels moving again – in all our lives.

The collective consciousness of humankind is dominate over the individual even though individuals are the centre of attention or focused on by the masses – it really is the collective that is moving the human world forward or backwards.

Because it is impossible for individuals to control the masses or the collective, two kinds of individuals end up influencing the direction of the world: one the ego maniacs or the other service to the greater good of humanity and the world they live in.

The Queen is the highest example of the latter – fame, fortune used to improve and uplift the masses spiritually and practically.

When the position these powerful souls hold is one of service rather than a platform for ego and control over others, their life and legacy is heralded and celebrated by angels on high.

Yes angels, for they exist to guide and advance you and I to become wise, strong and compassionate.

And whether we were born in poverty or privilege, angels do not judge – they guide all equally and every now and again a Nelson Mandela touches the consciousness and souls of millions and changes the world for the better – and some are born into power and privilege yet they also are clay for angels to shape and one such beautiful soul, Her Majesty The Queen.

Now she belongs to the ages and will never be forgotten and her legacy will continue with all whom resounded with her mana – and ones not yet born will wonder at how she moved the world yet gracefully smiled with humour and still remained earthly and humble.

The angels always triumph for the greater destiny of humankind is their eternal duty.

Ramon’s Meditative Insight

Renwulf Author: Ramon William Ravenswood

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