Medusa ~ The Stage

Greek statue of woman. Text: Medusa

The Stage

The stage is empty, and you watch as the figure of Medusa steps into the gas light. Her body is dressed in a crimson traversed by the golden branches of willow trees, colour and light held into shape by sharp black borders. Lifting languidly her hands, she reaches towards you. Her emerald vipers, in the cohesive movements of unseen mechanisms, weave loops about her head. Music is beginning, and from the shadows off-stage the narrator speaks. “Medusa had a beautiful name and a lovely voice, though no one cared to listen; seeking only the gaze of those famous eyes.”

Perseus walks onto the stage, cloaked as though he were the blazing sun. Now what you have to understand is his voice – it is like nothing you could tie down. It feels peaceful to hear it, to see him flow into the song with his fine, clear looks and his finer, clearer voice. Is the head quite forgotten? Not quite, but the horror exists alongside the beauty, and they flow like twin rivers, and neither is able to wash the other from you.

Renwulf Author: Tamara Rendell

Tamara Rendell is the author of the mythological / historical fiction novels Realm of the Stag King and Realm of the Witch Queen and her poetry and stories collection Mystical Tides.

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