The Earth’s Psychic Core and How It Affects You

The Earth’s field or magnetic wavelengths and all the actions that create a living habitat for life as it is today and where our physical and astral selves reside is not only governed by natural laws, gravity etc., it is also governed by psychic forces or the mind power of all life forms including the Earth’s psychic core which is a collective manifestation of all life forms that inhabit its field.

It thinks and reacts collectively or as a conglomerate of minds forming one identity creating the eco structure.

Most species respond to the collective mind field in rhythms of instinctive oneness, very rarely individually thinking and changing the game that the Earth controls and conducts the full orchestra of life forms in action.

Humankind have changed the musical themes so radically that the Earth’s frequency or rhythms are altering dramatically because of humans – and their power games –changing the atom itself or changing the very structure of the DNA patterns that form the material planet and beyond this weird event called the Rise of Human Power and the Human God Complex – behaving like gods with dominion over the Earth – sanctioned by ancient writings and egocentric human behaviour – has now caused a rift between the natural world or collective rhythms of the Earth’s magnetic field and man.

To mend this divide and reconnect with Earth’s natural rhythms will be the only way to avoid any further chaos like we are witnessing – climate imbalance and species rapidly dying out and being replaced by more artificial concrete jungles called civilisation. Grand and impressive as these are, eventually they become ruins and, like all great civilisations, succumb to the forces of nature and man in collision.

The mending begins not with a new technology and another concrete jungle system, it begins with a reconnection psychically with the Earth’s core intelligence and finding how to co-exist with other species, with the oceans, with each other, and most important of all, worship the Earth once again as our Great Mother.

Then human civilisation can become a beneficial part of the Earth’s field, not an abomination or a nightmare of filth and pollution.

Some of the Earth’s leaders are moving towards this realisation, most of the Earth’s human children already know it.

It’s not a Green political solution – it’s a democratic, pragmatic combination of all political or human cultures, races, and nations to settle on simple first steps. Once again, respect and love Mother Earth and stop abusing her.

It’s too late to change global warming, only adapt to it – and gradually yet surely reconnect with the Earth’s spiritual being and attune and merge our souls together with Mother Nature and we will become awakened to how to heal and replenish the Earth’s natural field. Plus, the use of technology wisely rather than irresponsibly.

Keywords: respect our Mother Earth. Clean up our environment, recycle, recycle, and stop tearing ourselves apart over greed and egotistical religions or ideology.

Simply become sons and daughters of our beautiful Mother.

Ramon’s Meditative Insight

Renwulf Author: Ramon William Ravenswood

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