An Interesting Time to Live

Image by NASA

Interesting times we live in when the veneer of civilisation is being torn away – and a reality check is needed to really establish a humanistic approach to re-establishing international codes or laws regarding civilised behaviour and finding the balance that most nations or humanity are in agreement with.

Unfortunately, the ones whom decide our future’s shape or civilised protocols are superpowers or the ones with military might. So, all the nations whom are vulnerable to being overwhelmed by superpowers will need to decide whom they align with, for empires are on a collision course for dominance over the world’s resources and, indeed, control of the nation’s peoples.  

Clearly, ones whom are democratic in their social structures and organisations will join together out of necessity for the alternative is tyranny or totalitarian states or, basically, Nazi-like governments (the worst example of civilised behaviour) and the survival of individual freedoms is clearly at stake.

I live in a small nation population-wise yet large in resources and land mass, and I believe one of the most civilised nations on Earth. Not perfect, nobody is – yet my nation is progressive in its quest for improvement and the establishment of justice for all its peoples.

This is reflected in its governments, both left and right. Occasionally some extreme political movement appears – fortunately, our peoples soon at the ballot box sort it out so as moderation and common sense prevails.

Yet like so many other nations, we find ourselves caught in a conundrum – for the world is no longer diplomatically getting along with each other, and globalisation has failed to create peace and prosperity as was hoped during the 1990s. 

So inevitably, we will go to the most palatable empire for protection and retainment of our national identity. So, it’s Uncle Sam again – as history teaches us, Uncle Sam was our best choice in 1941 and 2022 ain’t any different as far as I can see.

So, as a pragmatic kiwi, I am relieved that our government is reinforcing our alignment with the USA. I can be assured that individual freedoms will continue to progress, and we as a nation can survive this interesting yet scary time.

Meditative Insight ~ Ramon

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