Man at a protest in Paris, wearing a jacket with the words written across the back: "Ukraine we stand with you and with all those in Russia who oppose this brutal act."

This major time on planet Earth when evil fights its last battle to poison and retard the progression of humankind into a new age of reason and wisdom – a wobble here, a wobble there.

God will not be mocked – the reckoning or karmic conclusion to those whom would destroy the spiritual freedom of humanity is at hand.

No matter the cost or the horror, humanity will choose collectively the power of love and freedom over lies and deception perpetrated by the slimy charlatans and tyrants whom would enslave humanity in misery and ignorance.

And the power of the majority of humans will – with the forces of light, love and wisdom – destroy the evil that has once again raised its ugly face – for all to witness and take up arms and with every ounce of courage defeat.

The spiritual warriors are ten times stronger than evil warriors because they fight for their right to be individualized aspects of God, the omnificent source of life – and do not bow down to the evil false gods in the form of tyrants, dictators or ugly bullies.

Once and for all, the human race cannot ignore others or their family wherever they are or whatever race they are. We are all family, and the time has arrived to get our house in order and banish from the face of the Earth corrupt and evil family members whom destroy the lives of children and good human beings whom just wish to live and enjoy the beauty of God’s creations, themselves included.

And we can see what is wrong and right. We are not dumb people.

And Putin is an evil bastard on an entirely different level than most humans ever become. He must be removed from humanity’s airspace and the beauty of our glorious Mother Earth.

Those whom empower him or indeed follow him will take a long time to be redeemed or healed.

There will be no Putinism or the likes ruling this planet while the spirit of humankind burns brightly in every woman’s heart and in the loins of men.

Ramon’s Meditative Insight


  1. Thank You sincerely for yet another Most Excellent Post Ramon – No Power To Putin !!

    With this Human World also in the Grips of Big Pharma (yet another 38 Blillion paid out for once again “Compromising Patient Safety”).

    Dare We Care to Ask – What Medications is Putin currently on ??

    You are so Right – as Humanity who so Love & Value Our Own & Ukraine’s Rght ro Fteedom –
    we all need to Heed Your Call to take up The Reins of Life by – asking for Help &

    by “Calling Forth Our Own Positive Powerful Souls” in The Name of Positive Universal Love
    ( the Soul of each Person resides as a “Seed Atom” within Our Own Hearts –
    Only We Ourselves can “Open this Door to the Soul”y by Opening Up Our Vital Hearts to Pure Love – the Positive Energy that surrounds us all …and as Close to bus as Our Breathe.

    I Very Very Much look forward to Your New Book “Manna Breathe” that I assume will explain all this in further Detail.

    The situation in Ukraine is Appalling & Very Very Upsetting – so Many Vital Innocent Lives being destroyed by Egotistic Bullies.
    (Not one Woman at the Russian / Ukraine Negotiating Table either I note)

    Magnificent Love To All on this Amazing Most Beautiful Earth

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