Zelensky or Putin: A Choice

Basic patterns of life in the material world need to be adhered to. The four seasons no matter how they fluctuate, their overall pattern is the same – body adaptation to the seasons. And basic preparation is no different since the beginning of life on earth: shelter, warmth and good food – all these basics are under threat as the world is in chaos.

One would be wise to focus on individual needs for survival in a topsy turvy world.

This momentous cycle in the history of mankind will make or break us as a civilized species. Once again, we are forced to choose between the lesser evils or the monstrous evils.

We cannot afford to sit on pious thrones and judge ourselves and others from an idealistic claptrap perception.

Yes, democracy is imperfect and flawed by greed and all the other side effects of capitalism or individualism. Yet one can only be true to one’s self and one’s self-honesty – which creates individualism.

And with all our might and power, choose which side we are on. Is it a Zelensky or a Putin whom we rally around – and both are flawed humans, yet one is for freedom and individualism – and one is for slavery and the worst possible cruelty and inhumane uncivilized behaviour possible.

So get off our pious thrones and join the global movement to defeat monstrous dictatorships and fascism once and for all.

If the free world allows Putinism or Red China to prevail, like the last Great War (or great tragedy) the suffering will be unbearable even for the bravest hearts.

So remember, the enemy of my enemy is my friend: so befriending the USA may be a sensible choice – as it was in 1939.

I am a human born free in little New Zealand because of the USA and a certain powerful warlord called Douglas MacArthur whom I am grateful for.

I certainly am not impressed by piety and the stupidity of the ones whom would lead us back to the dark ages and lick the boots of fascism – climate change bullies whom would cause us to grovel. For China and Russia ain’t gonna give up their fossil fuels any time soon. So until the world is free of monstrous regimes, we cannot radically change our basic economic reality. Deal hard with Putin then global rebalancing is my perceptional awareness. And something tells me the majority of folk are waking up to the perils of the Green New Deal and focusing on the reality of the now.

(To paraphrase Leon Trotsky) We may not look for war, yet war may find us sleeping in our cots and hoping and praying for world peace.

World peace is only possible when bullies and monsters are defeated by our soul desire for Truth, Light and Beauty.

Ramon ~ Meditative Insight

2 responses to “Zelensky or Putin: A Choice”

  1. Loved Your Post Ramon.

    Whilst our Human World needs to return to Harmony & Balance – Nature is simply Thriving 24/7.
    Plugging into Nature’s Positive Creative Power is what we all need to do right now, because Nature’s Supreme Power makes Putin look like an “Ant in a Desert Full of Sand. We cannot Save the World, but we can ” Plug into Nature’s Exquisite Beauty, Immense Power of Love & Prosperity & Plenty for All. With Loads of Love & Great Good Blessings – and The All The Fantastic Great Good Things in Life !!

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