Time After Time

Time and the rhythms of the natural world or the global mass-energy moving along an evolutionary spiral to manifest individual and collective consciousness in a never-ending cycle of soul awakenings to reality – rather than the entrapment of Time or the seasons of gravity’s unending grip on all living species and all of the minds caught in the illusions of solid fixed physics or the laws of the natural universe which is only a by-product of the cosmic reality of spiritual mass energy in motion.

Reality is the heart of the atom, not the spiralling spinning molecules forming patterns out of all the building blocks of the universe.

The heart of the atom is our true self’s spiritual core beingness.

How we manifest our thoughts and feelings is what has become our centre of gravity – rather than our timeless non-gravitational reality.

Once caught in the entrapment of the material universe, we need to navigate our way back to our true Heavenly home yet recognising the need to understand and love the purpose of physicality and time rhythms.

For only the physical world stimulates and awakens our true strength and stirs all our passion and powerful creativity. So, in the end of our sojourn in Time and Space, we are fully self-realised and are fully beautified.

Only reincarnation can enable this awesome journey to enlightenment to succeed. For life after life, form after form, we are gaining wisdom, knowledge and a greater understanding of cosmic love – rather than simple human attachments masquerading as love.

This ultimate immersement in love cannot be conjured up with a mind focus or teachings. Only through raw pain and trials and tribulations can our souls realise the power of true love and true beingness or cosmic consciousness.

One key to our successful navigation out of our illusion is karmic connections with souls that awaken and challenge our sense of self and working through each other’s emotions and thoughts: dispersing resentments and hates for these are false feelings and thoughts and never give us peace or indeed freedom from nonsensical thinking or nonsensical actions of cruelty and all the horrors that can engulf out true hearts’ yearnings.

Evil is love in a reverse direction from our destiny.

So with the passage of time and many, many lives, we overcome the darkness of ignorance and the darkness of hate.

Forgiving those whom are stupid enough to be hateful little monsters then overwhelm them with our power and truth.

Of course, ensure that our forgiveness is also for ourselves. For only forgiveness can enable our journey to flow directly to full self-realisation, and once again, we can embrace eternal bliss.


Timeless souls experiencing a time zone, clothed in the ingredients of the gravitational physics of Earth and growing old and experiencing these amazing processes to explore physical life fully.

Of course, when death happens, one’s back in one’s timeless spiritual energy self again.

And, of course, with a lot of unfinished business with materiality.

So into the seed of Earth’s allure once again – time after time.

Ramon ~ Meditative Insight

2 responses to “Time After Time”

  1. This unsight really resonated with me; they all do one way or another but this one in particular at this time.
    Forgiveness of Self is less easy than forgiving others, we have this built in conditioning to not feel good enough which in this human experience can become all consuming. True forgiveness and unconditional love set us free.

    1. Dear Maria, thank you for your kind words and appreciation. You whom guided your beautiful family as best you could. Their own personal karma can get in the way of the wisdom of Mum. I hope Jim and your whānau are okay in these dramatic times. God bless, Ramon

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