Your True Power: Psychic Energy

The psychic centre of us all is uncontrollable by the brain, only suppressible until it breaks out of its bondage.

The brain is essential for its purpose: identification of time and space, gravity, and the laws of physics to be understood and worked with to ensure one is earthed to the magnetic field of Earth and decisions and actions are sensible and practical regarding systems to work with and evolve – tech etc.

Creative psychic synergy is the most powerful of the senses, for it is the part of awareness that invokes magic and power beyond tech or the Earth’s magnetic field or the outer shell of physical reality.

In other words, the manifested structure of all Earthly reality is created out of psychic synergy and attuning to psychic power overrides the physical dimension’s limitations.

And instead of the term ‘mind power,’ the psychic soul power can then be fully activated.

‘Psychic Soul Power’ – a better term to use as mind power insinuates brain power, whereas the brain is the instrument of the soul, not the centre of one’s being. A beautiful flute is of no use without the Breath of Soul.

It’s only a conditional brain that confuses humanity and continues to cause cynicism, hardness of heart and disconnection with the invisible power that creates all the manifested cosmos: God or Supreme Being in action – neither male nor female, purely souls dancing in time and space and beyond.

Ramon’s Meditative Insight

Renwulf Author: Ramon William Ravenswood

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