Black and white close-up of the mask of Tutankhamun

Soul or individual sparks of consciousness are aspects of the fabric of the known and unknown Universe.

Each individual spark from the fires of creation has their own magnetic gravitational field in which they gather the primeval matter and form their existence or interaction with the Cosmos and indeed one another.

Their state of mind determines their shape, species, and existence they live. The collective whole are connected by the fabric yet each one weaves a different pattern and colour from the tiniest microbe to the highest mountain.

Humans are the most complex and advanced species which is plainly clear and obvious so here lies the greatest challenge of all. How do humans express their power over all living Earthly things or other Soul Species – is it bullying and controlling or is it love and natural compassion which is the gravity of the human soul?

Love and compassion create empathy and wisdom and with these real powers – love and understanding.

Humans can heal the world and nurture its advancement to harmony and balance.

First one individual in the scene of human endeavours needs to awaken their soul gravity and all the power’s imbued and given freely to us all by our mighty creator, the fabric of Life itself.

And then like a flock of birds we all swirl together and cover the sky with our beautiful Cosmic Dance.

Ramon’s Meditative Insight

Renwulf Author: Ramon William Ravenswood

Photo by Tamara Rendell

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