Living in the Material World

Image by Fabrizio Chiagano

Understanding synergy or chi flow – the whole electromagnetic field that we live within is fully charged with psychic wavelengths of vibrational frequencies created out of Mind or Supreme Intelligence, not human.

Human is but part of the creative power that drives the Universe or Cosmos that we are part of.

Finding our most fulfilling role within the field is entirely up to the individual’s will or focus. Once one has identified their core self or spiritual individual beingness, the challenge then becomes being part of the whole yet retaining one’s personal identity within the mass creation of lifeforms created out of the Cosmic Mind or Supreme Being.

Finding one’s role or destiny path is first and foremost challenged by conditioning or others’ expectations or your own concept of the Self’s needs and desires – mostly falsely developed by influence of the mass mind or biological instincts rather than deep inner Revelation revealing your true power and pathway to complete fulfilment and inner and outer balance.

I AM THAT I AM and by the grace of God go I.

Ramon ~ Meditative Insight

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