Quantum Physics

Image by Aleza van der Werff

The world is on the brink of a total upgrade in its science or assessment of physics, geology, and biology – and every conceivable aspect of so-called reality, based on every breakthrough from Darwin to the DNA code-breakers.

What holds back this Quantum Leap forward is money, religious bigotry and fear, and the concepts of how human society should be organised and controlled by the ones in power. Whom have brainwashed themselves in certain beliefs so as to imprison themselves and billions of souls with them – mass self-delusion.

The central core of science for the last two hundred years is to disprove supernatural beliefs and replace them by the big word SCIENCE leading to a cold and detached, unfeeling world order.

Basically being run by laboratory assistants whom concentrate on brain function above all other sensory perception. Denigrating indigenous peoples’ beliefs and even their own tribal heritage.

The majority of people in control of the established institutions are leading humanity down a pathway of stupidity or everyone becoming caught in a stupor.

So what has occurred through this education of the masses in the Truth of Science is a global mental breakdown and irrational behaviour en masse.

And it is perhaps time for humanity to realise the fact that science is limited and is basically in its infant stages, and it would not be advisable to let a teenager take control of your household.

The term common sense is basically what will get humanity through these unstable times.

Logical thinking is not limited thinking. Obviously, observe the facts of science and use their systems where evidence shows results. Yet be open-minded that these methods are only one solution, and usually many remedies are required – best of all self-awareness and self-empowerment.

Vaccinations are the most tried and effective methods to date that data shows clearly, and remain humanity’s greatest advantage with extreme viruses.

Unfortunately, because of resources, the dosages are standard rather than individually appraised, so there are some whom vaccinations harm – causing mass mind to become fearful.

This is why common sense needs to prevail. Side effects are less dangerous than this insidious virus and the many other ones that could wipe out the human race.

So, the war against viruses continues, and other factors have to be addressed. Obesity, diet, immune problems and an unhealthy chair-bound human society.

For the masses to build resistance to these invading viruses, health and nutrition is a top priority.

Fortunately, this is becoming very important and a correction is due in human’s food chain. Once bodies are improved health-wise, immunisation works more effectively.

Once again, common sense should be your guideline, e.g. open-mindedness to so-called fringe medicines that have very amazing results. Homeopathy – clearly an advanced system of body balancing. Colour healing – more acceptance of this ancient science would be helpful.

The most important perhaps is magnetic healing – which is the most quantum and most ancient method. Acupuncture and other sciences stem from the understanding of electromagnetism. This will, I am sure, become once again mainstream treatments.

When the power players whom make millions from drugs etc., share power and a coming together of ancient indigenous treatments with 21st century science.

Sensibility and upliftment of us all to a more beautiful life cycle.

Love, Light, and Wisdom

Ramon ~ Meditative Insight   

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