A Key To Happiness

Image by Tamara Rendell

One factor in being happy is understanding karmic or past life connections and how to avoid allowing the negative aspects to predominate – retaining one’s power or individuality within partnerships or loving encounters and indeed the whole gamut of one’s interaction with life.

Being hurt is normal in life and handling the ups and downs is difficult and emotionally draining. Yet with wisdom and a strong sense of self-worth, one can endure the worst that befalls one’s life experience.

The least one uses others, the better pathway is assured. Using and discarding souls is a constant behaviour of narcissistic and cruel-hearted souls. When experiencing such rejection and pain, one clearly needs to question the karmic attachment and make sure one frees themselves from these self-obsessed souls – or they will take you down and leave you empty and lost.

This is their game and very, very unspiritual and bordering on evil behaviour.

All soul partings – if undertaken with wisdom and kindness and indeed love ensures a clear pathway for both. This relates to all types of karmic relationships.

Before anyone can heal unhappiness, comes the realisation that no one owns them and likewise they own no other being – they share the same garden of love called Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. And together, we make the world go round in endless circles of wonderment.

Ramon ~ Meditative Insight

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