Time Like the Wind

Calm ocean shoreline with clouds coming over a blue sky. Sunlight on the water.

The Earth is made of Cosmic Dust, or subatomic particles created out of the infinite building material of Energy that is without beginning and without end.

For the sake of sanity, perhaps just call it God Energy.

All lifeforms or structures manifesting are the essence of God expressing through structure or individual species or souls – or spiritual identities shaped by the Winds of Time.

Time being a magnetic sequence of oceanic currents that flows in a Cosmic Sea. Flowing eternally – enabling structure to form out of the Dust of Ages and ages of creative sequencing.

Time like the wind swirls endlessly in so many directions, yet in its multiple changes and weird unpredictability order and things to hold onto as certainties: gravity and Time’s timeless purpose – love, belonging, creative discovery, creative ideas, learning to adapt to the winds of change.

Understanding God not as a punisher or rewarder, only an inner remembrance of whom we truly are – loving sons and daughters of God whom, through the majesty of flesh, express our passions and purpose both Collectively and Individually one and the same moment in Time.

Perfect creative formations of Cosmic Dust – hardening and softening in Time’s sequences in our adaptation to the Cosmos and its eternal unfoldment from form to form.

Eventually, without form once again. Joining the ocean of blissful eternality yet longing to even then to become a form that can echo ages of experience and clearly sing our Soul’s heartfelt song – I am that I am.

I love, I laugh, I cry. Yet I always dance in rhythms of passionate creative divine immersement in the Ocean of Pure Love.

Ramon ~ Meditative Insight

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