Alien Intervention

Image by Michael Herren

Now the big question on the brink of being answered for humanity to wake up and realise how life really works in God’s creation.

Aliens are species that have souls and astral existence as well as physical expression.

And the Universe is teeming with lifeforms that are biologically based on the chemistry of Nature and indeed have, in many cases, very similar structural forms related to humans and other Earth species.

They all reincarnate or live in temporal bodies – live and die and spiritually process or evolve.

Their greatest concern is obviously Environmental changes to a Sister Planet – one where they harness minerals etc., for their building block or prosperity.

They need clean oceans; they need a healthy planet to visit and enjoy its beauty and unique varieties of lifeforms.

So nuclear weapons and other Doomsday weaponry now created are of great concern.

They have a Confederation of planets and treaty and laws that control outbreaks of wars and destruction. Even the more basic alien races adhere to these treaties –  if not, they are swiftly dealt with by powerful forces or Guardians of the heavens.

So they now blatantly expose themselves – to warn humanity that they will shut down our technology if necessary.

The quantums occurring since the beginning of the 20th century are amazing and unbelievable compared to the thousands of years of basic horse and cart technologies. This is all very wonderful and held the promise of a better world and more responsible global management and harmony with nature.

Alas, the opposite has occurred – worse wars, more egomaniacs, tyrants, and brutal regimes, and more and more violent behaviours.

So it is not surprising that alien craft are challenging our military forces all over the globe – and are warning certain individuals like Generals and people in very powerful positions that this crazy war preparation and impending conflict will not go on without major intervention.

The main goal will be to preserve the planet’s environment.

As far as humans are concerned, only the relatives or aliens that are DNA related (and there are many of them) are wishing and working to preserve humans. And they will succeed – only the whole of humanity will need to reorganise their priorities and indeed restructure their systems: hospitals, transport, air travel, food chains, trade etc.

The global pandemic caused by biological tampering and evil intent is the last straw – for viruses also infect aliens, and many would die if exposed to the Earth’s diseases like Ebola etc., etc.

Earth humans are a strong species and can survive where other space sisters and brothers could not. So it is not surprising you’re not meeting them downtown or at the local pub. A few move among you, yet they are immune strengthened and have your plasma etc., added to them.

This explains their limited colonisation and rare contact. Yet, they certainly intervene in creative ways to prevent planet Earth from being destroyed.

It’s not global warming that is the greatest threat: it’s contamination of oceans, destruction of forests, extinction of species, and nuclear thermal war. Plus, Earth’s magnetic core is ready to completely Pole Shift.

All these flashpoints have led to this momentous change time.

Ramon ~ Meditative Insight

One response to “Alien Intervention”

  1. I hope that aliens have some kind of galactic federation and that we humans will eventually be part of it. I worry that our government has a reason to shift from denial to disclosure and will try to steer people to work on whatever they want to harness our labor for, without necessarily telling us the truth. I also wonder if the truth is that aliens are coming here en masse because they know we are about to suffer a tragedy either of our own making, or a natural one like a pole shift – and they are coming to help before the event. Interesting times and more announcements are officially due in June 2021.

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