Ramon’s Insights ~ Seeds of Love

pink magnolia flower in bloom

Happiness is a state of mind not only a result of outer stimulation.

Happiness is when your higher and complete beingness is in alignment with your soul power and expression of your true self’s natural flow. Influenced by the world yet not dominated by its powerful gravitational pull.

Life short or long in the Earth’s field is a huge opportunity to become enlightened or self-realised. Because the word is so primeval or basically primitive the majority of humans are entrapped by weird and distorted concepts of God or truth, leaving an empty hole in their brains which they cannot fill up regardless of what they do outwardly.

Only when one opens up to Light and divine love can this hole be filled with vitality in clear thinking.

Eventually love, light and wisdom reveal the truth and only the individual can discover for themselves. No Bible or other amazing things can do it for you only your own Inner Temple can be your revelation.

Obviously, Bibles and all of the information can activate you and lead you to the threshold of your inner power and then you self-realise.

Keys to awakening from slumber and false thinking and feelings: There is only one God in the centre of all Creation and all and everything is created from its powerful consciousness. And it keeps on creating new seeds of itself endlessly and each subatomic particle visible and invisible is God in action. Each atom of creation takes on a life of its own: tiny little Gods and goddesses filling up the cosmos with life and drama and personal identities.

Good seeds grow beautiful and strong – weak seeds wither and die to return to the Ocean of Light from whence they came to be reborn in a new form.

This process continues endlessly rebirth and changing forms. All to one end to become whole and stand with God as a co-creator not a child of light – as an equal part of light.

One mistake souls can make that ultimately leads to the Soul death and loss of all power and the long arduous journey from the seed to the fullness of mature synchronicity again – playing God or abusing others with their sense of superiority and smugness, ruling the masses with cruelty and ruthlessness and believing the end justifies the means – well that’s not so – freedom of choice is the natural order of Creation and freedom or the right to think and be true to oneself is the cornerstone of God’s gift to all living things.

To be free you only have to be compassionate and empathetic – and simply know by the grace of God go I.

And it’s not difficult to be compassionate or empathetic. Simply open one’s heart and mind to the reality that all life is born of the one being. So we in reality love one another – not the bad actions of one another but the core reality of each aspect of Creation.

Core is divine beauty and love. How could it be otherwise, after all we are talking about our creator and the true bliss of manifested reality.

Ramon Ravenswood

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