Ramon’s Insight ~ Evil in Action

Two lit candles in a darkened room

Two victims of evil human behaviour stand out and disturb my soul, and like the majority of my human family, I am outraged and have to temper my reaction so love and prayer can soothe my heart and mind.

The cruel murder of George Floyd by a psychopathic moron and a rogue human without love in his heart or a heart indeed. Then once again the haunting image of the little child Madeline and the evil ghastly cruelty unleashed on her sweet innocence.

One black, one white, yet both should haunt and drive us to eliminate the disease of evil in our world.

And united we can, for we are truly good human beings. Only a few are evil yet they can sully our loving hearts.

So our love, prayers, and everything we can do should be done to end this chain of evil.

Justice for them, yes. But not cruel revenge. We are not evil.


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