No to Anger and Hate

Photo of intense sky with heavy tumultuous clouds and a lightning bolt.
Image by Felix Mittermeier

Anger and hate are ingredients of being faulty human beings in a journey of becoming more compassionate and true examples of an evolved species or guardians of our beautiful Earth Mother.

Yet our inner true hearts still are inspired by great souls whom have shaped our feelings and thinking down through terrible dark ages of the struggle against humans’ inhumanity to humans – let alone the Garden of Eden we are born into and the way we abuse even the air we breathe.

It is not the evil of Hitler that endures in our hearts and inspiration – nay, it is Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks and the countless souls known and unknown whom lift us out of the darkness of our imperfect selves.

Rather than seek truth and understand the history of how we become a human society and a civilization of the likes the world has never seen – anger and hate insidiously crawls into the hearts and minds of so many.

And noble causes of reformation and upliftment become battle cries of bloodletting arson and destruction and evil once again corrupts the soul yearnings for peace and harmony and goodness for all whom share the breath of life.

Yet most disturbing of all is the arrogance and ignorance of believing that a race of humans is superior to another – this is nonsense or a sickness.

And right now – when we stand on the threshold of a beautiful new dawn of revelation of human love and reconciliation – anger and hate emerges ferociously to prevent our Creator’s gift of life and Oneness.

Yet in the rolling thunder and chaos, love and truth will win the day it always has and always will.

Ô Manna Breath,

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