Close up of butterfly on a large leaf with dark background
Image by Annie Spratt

The emerging Covid-19 world is now clearly established and the changes it has wrought amongst the global community and indeed your position in it.

Fear and uncertainty is the first obvious outcome for millions of folk worldwide.

This will give more advantage to the braver ones whom rethink and retool their material lives.

E.g. many will not take any chances and opt for a static and restrictive lifestyle.

Others will plunge over the cliff of extreme boldness and stupidity.

Then there will be those whom calmly and wisely move with caution yet set their eyes firmly on advancement and a better, more fulfilling life path – achieving goals and expanding their creative thinking – and not allow doom and gloom merchants to infiltrate their hearts and minds.

These will be the ones whom triumph under adversity and carve a masterpiece of a life hereafter.

Ô Manna Breath,

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