Image by Piron Guillaume
World War III
Biological. Ideological. Economical. Environmental

The crunch has arrived. Three very intense months for the human race are in full swing. Lockdown and then gradually unlocking our freedom of movement will be the only option while science finds the vaccine and weaponry that will halt this monster and destroy its power.

The recalibration of the world economy and social structures is invariably beginning, very obviously with the food chain and a new beginning with the environment. Abusing Mother Nature led to this crisis, weakening the Earth’s natural balance.

Talk, talk and talk. Yet the rainforests continue to be slaughtered and humans continue floating around in love boats. Humankind indulging in self-aggrandisement and self-obsession. “I, I, I,” rather than “us.”

Now the game is up. One cannot suck all the oxygen for themselves for each one of us humans can only survive from this tragedy once we are out of isolation and once again basking in the beauty of nature and the warmth of human and nature’s loving embrace.

We will build a new harmony where love, compassion and empathy is the established natural way of being. And the one God or spiritual energy can breathe in our hearts and minds without hateful ideology and stupidity and evil will never divide us again.

Ô Manna Breath,

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