LUNAR FIRE Character Gallery

I’ve put together a gallery of the cast of characters in LUNAR FIRE to give a glimpse into the tone and mood of some of my major characters. I’ll follow up soon with individual spotlights that speak a bit deeper into the intentions and motivations of each of these main players.

Bear in mind, LUNAR FIRE turned out to be a bit of an epic, so there are a few characters that may protest at being left off a “main player list” – namely my heroic Queen Ranee, a warrior and leader of her people and her trusted, fierce and beloved commander Kaj.

Hopefully, they can understand that I just couldn’t find any images that spoke their names to me! Maybe I can appease them at a later date . . . writing is strange and characters become bizarrely independent of the author!😄

So that’s it for now. I hope you enjoy the video and keep an eye out for more info and teasers on LUNAR FIRE ~ COMING 2021

LUNAR FIRE is an epic saga of the savage innocence and power of ancient druidism, elemental magic, and the battle between the ancient forces of enslavement and freedom.
🌙 Lahana is the daughter of a failing king and promised to the powerful warlord Cael: a man aware of her innate powers as an elemental witch. In her freedom flight from Cael’s manipulative agenda, Lahana’s awakening collides with the superstitions and fears of those who would shelter her. Refusing to suppress her truth, Lahana continues to seek a union of human passion and soul desire and to realise her vision of the Goddess within all creation.

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