Hope, Love and Regeneration

Watercolour painting of Earth in space
Illustration by Elena Mozhvilo

Stay home, stay alive, and stay well: to begin again in a new world order and social economic structure.
Property is the real security to hold onto, and a rebuilt banking system will ensure this security will be achievable for the majority of the population.
The business and working opportunities will dramatically change – yet a new world order will be more realistic and less foolish than it has been up to this point in the human journey.
Step back from the mess and look objectively at the frivolity and stupidity of society’s trends – and you will see how a new world order will take shape after the carnage.
New Zealand has five million people – this advantage is obvious. Overpopulation is a dangerous recipe for chaos and is a recipe for disease. The concentration of large populations in the cities is proving to be undesirable and the return to smaller cities and rural communities will certainly be the new trend of social and economic structure.
The big bad word “regulatory” will return as a solution. Licences for businesses will be quantified: cafes, restaurants, cinemas etc. etc. will be regulated to a stable modelling – not oversupplied services.
Education will change to ensure that the 21st century needs will be focused on and populations are equipped to fit a new world order.
The plastic age will be replaced by an organic technology of recyclable and environmentally friendly materials.
Primitive and cruel food chains will once and for all be ceased by regulators – whale slaughter is a major example. Live animal markets are evil primitive and unhealthy. Animal cruelty is only secondary to human cruelty to each other.
An upgrade in humanity’s behaviour is needed now or life for humans will become apocalyptic. Fortunately, human consciousness has shifted so far upwards spiritually and evolutionary that this transition can and will happen. The greatest difference to a George Orwell type of new world order is the rise of Individualism and the evolution of humankind. Yes, there are still old age entrapped nations caught in the Orwellian nightmare – yet this is not the majority. All the free world needs above all else is to stop being so selfish and full of foolhardy disregard for democratic principles. Your rights and freedoms are measured by your impact on others and the environment – so it is not okay during a pandemic to brazenly go have fun at the barbeque or park. You may well think you are bulletproof – the facts show otherwise. And realise this first viral explosion will be followed by another until humankind stops its verocity. And one can see how amazing human science has advanced by how quickly the vaccines and other cures are fast being developed.
Like epidemics in the past, they looked at the time invincible and many saw them as the wrath of God and believed they should be allowed to flourish and destroy: AIDS being a clear example. Yet through human science, dedication and ingenuity humans take responsibility for themselves and find solutions.
God helps those who help themselves. God is hope, love and regeneration.
Ô Manna Breath,
Ramon’s Insights

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