Biological Balance

Beautiful lotus flower in full bloom with a blurred background of water

The modern world is now entering a 12 month cycle that reveals in a crystal clear reality how advanced and civilized have we become as a humanity.

Fragmented tragedies and savagery are happening every day to overwhelm the majority of us, causing us to feel helpless and numbed by the enormity of global events. Yet always for the majority of us, safe places and lucky circumstances protect us from the horrors.

Now we are being faced with a dangerous biological enemy that attacks us at our very core: our immune system and our own biological being. How we as a human race deal with this dramatic event will, I am sure, determine our future as civilized humans. And so far, so good.

Have we acted too slowly? I do not see slow reactions from governments worldwide; especially our beloved Aotearoa New Zealand. Very decisive actions are being implemented and time is being gained to curb this dangerous enemy and weaken its ferocity: and in due course neutralise it as all biological enemies can be dealt with by the advanced civilization that we should be.

Once this is dealt with, and I have no doubt it will be, I see some very interesting changes happening. Greed economics will experience a big setback as this global crisis is creating what so many liberal-minded folks have been fighting for over centuries: social justice and equal opportunity and the protection of the most vulnerable. Not communism which is fascism in a different guise – instead simply democratic social order.

Elected persons to work for the benefit of their nation, not for the egotistical ideologies which separate nations and people into left and right: an egotistical battleground and negative nation-building. Replaced by unity and shared ideas and finding collective solutions and replacing the dog eat dog mentality with some decent practical management of resources – human and otherwise.

Only the very dangerous and disturbed individuals incarcerated: to be dealt with firmly yet not cruelly. The majority rehabilitated into society – perhaps a society they can feel they can be a part of and feel welcome. Rehabilitation from a strong compassionate nation which reinforces their human resources: fire personal, ambulance personal, and all the services currently undervalued. CEOs and overpaid egos once and for all curbed by a common-sense society.

This is the new direction and upgrade for a civilized humanity and a pandemic will herald a new compassionate world – and a compassionate world that will protect its biological environment.

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Photo of Lotus flower by Zoltan Tasi

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