Mass Drama

Blue and purple sky with a mass of clouds and lighting bolts

Two forces at play in the global mass-energy. One – aspirational goals and creative manifesting. The other – true grit actions required when the negative explodes into mass drama.

The outcome for humanity, or indeed the individual, is the power of creative aspirational soul vision. So when the global and individual explosions occur, strength and will power overcomes the negatives and returns the globe to its true path and destiny. The same applies to each individual.

This ebb and flow continues all through the journey and pathway of humanity and each individual since the beginning of time.

Required is the ability to, with speed, change one’s behaviour or indeed actions and beliefs to above all survive to live another day – and with wisdom and power gain ascendancy over negative forces.

Each one of us has the free will and ability to make correct choices to ensure survival and success in a world of major challenges and extreme tests of our courage and resolve.

Our life’s most precious quest – freedom and happiness. So we aspire to our highest dreams. Yet when cornered by dramas of extreme negativity we fight like tigers and never surrender to the dark forces of chaos. We invoke Love and Light to fill our lives with strength and fulfilment.

Ones whom adapt and keep their dreams alive will triumph. Ones whom like stunned mullets carry on regardless perish. Ones whom become disillusioned, cynical and angry perish.

The choice is clear – ride out the storms with vigour and a calm powerful will and await the sunlight and victory that is surely our reward, and health and prosperity once again becomes the norm.

Yet without chaos and its challenge, we would be weak souls and without true grit – candles in the wind rather than strong flames of passion and power.

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Renwulf Author: Ramon William Ravenswood

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Photo of lightning clouds by Felix Mittermeier

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  1. Thank you for sharing these insights.

  2. Thank you, Kohra! I will pass this on to the author 😊

  3. Appreciatee your blog post

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