Earth Mother ~ Cosmic Source

Silhouette of man gazing at Stars. Photo by Greg Rakozy

Many teachings are bantered about.
Many answers are already realised.
Many problems already solved.
Yet round and round the merry-go-round we all continue to dance in an endless carousel. Not realising, forever forgetting the lessons learned over many years of trials and tribulations.
Life is the manifestation of Divine Mind in action. Free will is the opportunity for souls born out of the ocean of consciousness into a landscape of infinite possibilities in the endless creative formations of the ocean’s essences to become amazing and unique.
Yet in the Dance of Life certain cosmic laws exist, put in place by Divine Mind for all cosmic souls to realise and harmonise with.
The colours of a rainbow is law. Beautiful rays of pure life-force awaiting the music of the spheres to create resonance and beautification. All of the rhythms of the manifest Universe create a magnificent cosmos full of vitality and challenge.
Numbers – the law governing Time. For without Time there is no journey, there is only infinite Cosmic Light without memory, without passion, without individual purpose.
Astrological rhythms are the teachers of how we awaken – these laws are the most intimately experienced. Twelve signs of the Zodiac: all stimulate each individual into a perfect rhythm. The Universe is Divine Mind in action and each celestial orb awakens our creative and infinite inner power.
So whom is our greatest teacher? It surely is our flesh bodies and our ability to attune to our physical time zone: then can be revealed our journey’s purpose in the garments woven out of the ocean of Divine Mind.
Love, peace and freedom
Ramon ~ Christmas 2019

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