Loving Arms of Peace Embrace New Zealand

Green ferns in glimpse of light, emerging from shadow

First and foremost we are a nation of diversity of cultures – collectively joining together under one God Source and worshipping in our own unique ways. Yet following the Christchurch horror, compromise is required to live under the laws and wisdom of our founding elders and souls that have strived to create a better life for all whom bask in this green and pleasant land. And indeed evolve towards a multifaceted diamond of colour, light and vitality rather than a plain, colourless society it almost became in the early and late 20th century.
Yes, all religions have their odd customs and beliefs, yet the challenge is to reach out and see that which unites rather than divides all souls of faith. New Zealand can be a light to the world now by getting through this tragedy together as one nation under heaven.
The elected lawmakers and custodians of New Zealand’s wellbeing, more than ever, are called upon to act decisively to remove hateful ideology from the nation. Removal of white supremacists influence and indeed their ability to spread hate – and any other hateful aspects of our nation also.
Muslims exist in Aotearoa in a constructive and beautiful way as long as they know Allah is not the king of New Zealand – yet a guest in these sacred islands blessed by the Maori guides of the land. Neither is Jesus or Moses or Krishna or Buddha or any other sacred being kings or queens of this land – yet welcome guests to share their magical beingness with the whole of New Zealand’s peoples; and their blessings and Mana welcome among us.
The laws implemented by souls like our prime minister whom is aware of many faiths yet chooses the path of universal love and all are equal under the mantel of her government’s protection and management. Yet hate is not part of her vision nor that of the majority of New Zealanders.
So this is the time to indeed deal with hate firmly yet not be caught up in their sickness and miserable soul dysfunction.
It is a time to see what is loving about us all and how wise and sensible we truly can be. We can heal and become better people all of us. Yet mindful it was the innocent Muslims this time whom were savagely brutally attacked. So they are everyone’s first priority to support and nurture their broken hearts and embrace their wounds as if they were our own.
This way we can once again be a whole nation – blessed by the spiritual Mana of our first nation Maori elders and spiritual ancestors lovingly stretching their arms like a loving white cloud cleansing the stain of evil from our sacred shores.

Ramon Ravenswood

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