In Breath, Out Breath

Phases or a series of psychic waves invoke certain responses and actions in an individual’s awakening to themselves and their multifaceted beingness create either satisfaction, harmony and a sense of power or freedom or else a shrinking feeling.

The aware individual overcomes the shrinking sensation – and replaces it with a wider view of the phases and connect the waves and their wholeness.

One’s personal journey towards wholeness – empowerment – is finding one’s centre or core and realizing the orbiting events and their significance to the whole larger picture of one’s journey through time and space – In Breath, Out Breath rhythms are important to feel and recognize as the function of spiritual being. An In Breath is gathering prana and power – contemplation, planning etc. Out Breath is releasing all our prana and energy into the field of dreams we live within, or nightmare according to our soul’s current adventure into personal consciousness.

So breathe in strongly the Manna of Heaven and release your energy wisely and constructively into the world. Once your rhythms are synchronized with the psychic wavelengths of Earth’s creative field, the sky is no longer the limit and infinite possibilities of Cosmic Consciousness and personal fulfilment are fully realized.

Breathe in Love, Light and Wisdom.

Release passion, purpose and your soul desires.

The Universe will feel and hear you and you will be one with Divine Manna.

Ramon’s Meditative Insight

Renwulf Author: Ramon William Ravenswood

Writing that enlivens your heart, mind and soul

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