The Power of Prayer

Prayer is connecting to the supernatural energy field that the state of your heart and mind can encompass. Supernatural beings and energy patterns or frequencies surround the Earth’s magnetic field awaiting invocation both evil and good depending on your state of heart and mind . . . Ramon Ravenswood

Praying to God or a superior being can be a very effective and worthwhile event – if you are empathetic and compassionate you will invoke angels of love.
If you are selfish and malevolent in your motivation, you will activate dark forces and satanic entities – e.g. extreme fanatics praying to a vengeful God and hateful intent, suicide bombings of innocents in the name of God.

If you are in-between these feelings of love and hate, you become neutralised – and nothing comes of prayers or invocations simply because no connection can be made supernaturally. This explains the majority of endless fruitless praying and the sense of hopelessness and the non-believer, atheistic state of mind so many embrace as reality.

Once you awaken to Divine Love and a greater meaning to living than narcissistic ego-satisfaction, then your power of invocation and supernatural connection becomes fully empowered. And with wisdom and deep thoughtful intent, your prayers are answered. And you access powerful Beings of Light and within the Ocean of Pure Love or God Consciousness.

This does not require sacrificing identity, or soul needs and personal fulfilment, or indeed Ego itself. It only requires realisation of being a beautiful part of Creation’s ever-evolving journey to a higher level of love, light and wisdom – where you give and receive in harmony and balance.

Ramon’s Meditative Insight

Renwulf Author: Ramon William Ravenswood

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